Parent Prakop and Associates Insurance Agency
Our Privacy Commitment to you is to always maintain appropriate confidentiality regarding personal information obtained in the course of doing business with you. We only collect personal information about you necessary to conduct the business of insurance. We use the following sources to collect that information: (1) Personal information you share with us, such as the information on your application, requested policy change information, questionnaires or other forms you may complete. (2) Personal information about you from your transactions with us over the time you have been a policy holder with us. (3) Personal information about you from a consumer reporting agency, such as the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Personal information you provide or which is obtained during the process of handling a claim, including medical information, such as from an accident report. We do not disclose any personal information about current or former customers to anyone, except as permitted by law.
733 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA, 02072, United States
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